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Will AI replace programmer?

AI is growing very fast. Will it replace programmer in the future?

8/13/2017 4:18:02 AM


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I don't think we're near the point where ai programs ai. Might be some experiments but it would be a very simple ai. (By simple I mean the AI does something simple, the AI itself might be considered advanced) ai making things like games and app stores aint coming any time soon 😜. Maybe in a couple generations.


AI still needs to be programmed bud 😜. (No, we're no where near the point of AI programming everything)


hahah dude ! i think AI too needs to be programmed 😜


unless you have an idiot programmer that wants to make something to destroy his career it won't happen


allow me? I was saying whoever wants to make such an ai would be stupid, wasn't calling all programmers stupid.


@Rrestoring f Yep, but will programing be done by AI itself?


@Jordan Chapman haha lol there might be some idiots hahaa


that makes a point man ! @jordan


@jordan we people are creators. I dnt allow you to call him(we) as a idiot