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Windows API, C++

I am learning how to use Windows API with C++ (not C). I started to read Windows' doc but I would like a course about it to make sure I understand (I think it's one of the worst API to learn... 😑) If you know some good websites...

8/12/2017 9:44:16 PM


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I highly recommend the def reference on the Win32 api by Petzold...even though it's in C you can easily make a C++ wrapper around it. free pdf here:



It's a massive API. Tutorials would depend on what exactly you want to use the API for


This is my most recent public code with a Windows API call; it's a small bit so if the surrounding code is a bore I can try to separate it. line 43 I include windows.h line 60-63 I call the API (to get the file size) then clean up* * very important when calling into the API...clean up everything you allocate. You should also be error-checking. I omit it here because I didn't think it had utility for anyone.


Of course it is... I would like an introduction, only an introduction, I think I'll be able to learn lonely after


@Jay I knew the first link (Microsoft) I started to read (very well-documented) But I didn't know the second one. It looks cool thanks ! I kept looking for other introductions and I found these links: In C++ In C/C++: As I'm French, they are in french but I think you can change to spannish or english (only on OpenClassrooms)


It looks very detailed and rich I'm going to read it ! Thank you