What after html, css

I take html and css course but I still can't use it 100% and what it takes to master those and Web design as well

10th Aug 2017, 7:22 PM
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after that :- you must learn:- PHP for communication database through SQL . JavaScript for dynamic behavior of your HTML page.
10th Aug 2017, 8:28 PM
meherDev - avatar
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first of all you need a lot of practice and a lot of time... then you might need to learn also javascript, jquery and also angularJS... not mandatory, but really suggested to implement new functions and graphics... Ah, another suggestion: check all the goods of html5 and css3...
10th Aug 2017, 7:28 PM
Luca - avatar
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Make a few websites and put it out there, don't just rely on sololearn by itself to teach you. If you are looking to learn another language, javascript might be a good idea.
10th Aug 2017, 7:25 PM
Jordan Chapman
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java script!
10th Aug 2017, 7:26 PM
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defenitely javascript
10th Aug 2017, 8:48 PM
davidthegreat - avatar
Paul is wright and after JavaScript go ahead with JQuery
10th Aug 2017, 7:54 PM
Thomas Zenglein
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