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2 types of people

there are 2 types of People 1. if (conditon){ statements } 2. if (condition) { statements }

8/10/2017 10:42:51 AM


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3: if (condition){ statements }


if (awkwardly trying to nest statements and conditions together in order to feel good) {}


@ArtemisAthena456 this guy likes to judge people by how they format if statements


@Haiztek I'm pretty sure you meant to @ me. Of course I think you judge people by their formatting, that's literally what your Q&A post is about! "2 types of people", as if there was no in between... I don't think you judge anyone beyond some kind of divide, but I've seen people before who go way farther into unnecessary hatred territory before. I recommend a less aggressive response.


2 types of people there are 2 types of People 1. Haiztek 2. ketziaH




@Haiztek 😴Really Don't understand 😴


There are 10 types of people. 1 who knows the Binary system 1 who doesn't. Hahaaaaa


what a trash -,-. Create greate app and let people anticipate, thats what happend.. sad.