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Let's help new users! Share your experience...🔄(Accelerated programming🚀)

Hello everyone! If you are read it, I think you want to know how programmers do they projects faster or you want to help. Share your experience of accelerating work with programs, all those that can be useful for beginners in the future. This information is usually missing in the tutorials and some books. I mean working with plug-ins like Emmet, work with SASS, LESS and VCS (git, github and any VCS like these). Read this ⏩ try this ⏩ share 🔄 your experience. Respect each other! Thanks to all!

11/5/2017 10:02:32 AM


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Some advices for frontend developers: 1 Webpack 2 Css-in-js 3 Docker and VM(VMWare, Virtual Box, Qemu) 4 Gulp, grunt 5 Yarn, npm 6 Git bash, cmder and other cool terminals 7 IDEs: MS Visual studio code, Jetbrains products 8 Pug template 9 Trying different CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, MODx, OpenCart, DL engine etc) 10 Begin to learn frameworks: Angular, Vue, React, Ember and other more little and specific 11 Different online instruments and resources, which can help in development, keep much time and inspire(online ide's, specific tools; dribble, behance, medium, csstricks, google development blog, etc) 12 Reading different cool articles and tutorials every day to keep abreast to new things From preprocessors and postprocessors I recommend gradually give up, but not now yet🙂 Css grows and become more powerful. Use only vanillaJS (stop jQuery or gradually stopping🙂). Learn other language with static types also (anything what you would like, no matter) Learn essential of UI/UX. Choose you own code style(github will help). Use different browsers, on different engines. Learn Linux a little. Every day use chrome dev tools in your work(there are so much abilities!!!). And many many others tools, sites, receptions. Practice Practice And practice... And once again, practice😎


I'll share my experience about how I work with Emmet - it's a plug-in. You are install it on every editor like Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code and others. Thanks to this program, I significantly reduced the time that I used for typing HTML code. I'll type only one line, and as a result, I type the entire HTML page structure including classes, id, different subitems, etc. I'll recommended to all new users, who started html course, when you are finish, start learn and use this program. It's easy to understand and after time you are tell thanks to yourself. Updated (10.08.17 14:14): https://docs.emmet.io/


A few thoughts about Git. What is this Git? It's something like time machine. It's a very important thing when you do some big project (or not big), not only front-end (if you think about it in this way). If you do everything right, you always have many different versions of your project. If you are think about clouds, in my opinion, it is more difficult to control all time lines, if at all possible. Git brings discipline to your project, accurate implementation of deadlines, the ability to make changes to different stages of the project, even if you need to roll back, gives you the opportunity to conduct various functional tests, as well as the possibility of subproject development. The most difficult thing is to teach yourself to do everything correctly and on time. With the help of Git it is possible and even easier to do. But this is only my humble opinion. Updated(11.08.17 10:03): https://git-scm.com/


Thanks for sharing. ;>


For understanding what is this, read about Sass in: http://sass-lang.com/ and http://marksheet.io/sass.html - for english speakers https://sass-scss.ru/guide/ and https://webref.ru/course/sass - for russian speakers


just now found this new cool IDE supports 11 offline languages like python , c++, basic, pascal, whitespace, (yes whitespace is a language google it) JavaScript,... sadly ruby is online at the moment :( it has many other online compilers for other languages. there are demo samples and learning options. the app takes just 15MB on my device. bonus it's free and without ads :) https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Creatyification Creatyification - Android Apps on Google Play


Hello! At the moment I'm training in the IT company in the direction of Web UI, I want to share my learning experience after 1 week. At the first lessons we learned the basic concepts of HTML5 / CSS3 and further deepened into a more advanced CSS3. In parallel, we write portfolio sites using a frameworks for work to choose from. The first choice was bootstrap 3.3.7, but in the process of work I changed it to the material design framework. Obligatory is the ability to work in git / githab. Every new day, I discover for myself some new tools and approaches. In the learning process, I'll try to share something really interesting with you. Have a nice day!


@haris it's working perfectly fine for me I tried the turtle module in it offline it draws star with it. the c++ compiler compiles hello world. a python code from Sololearn works without issues. did you wait for the app to load and change screens from black to orange theme, then once more for loading tutorial ? after that you click that tiny compile option below.


if git is what you want to learn then check this resource(any one of them will do) https://try.github.io/levels/1/challenges/1 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg7s6cbtAD15G8lNyoaYDuKZSKyJrgwB- https://www.udacity.com/course/how-to-use-git-and-github--ud775 source: https://github.com/P1xt/p1xt-guides/blob/master/faq.md


the best course about git for novices is still course from Lynda.com👌


@Calvin Can you tell us more about LAMP? Only your experience, please. I read something about it, I try something to do, but I have a little part of knowledge.


Today I'll tell you about a very convenient plug-in that I used in the old version of Photoshop, I mean the version up to СС 17.0 ... It's called Velositey. After installing this plug-in, you will have an additional option in Photoshop, thanks to which you can create a website design structure in 5 minutes, something like a template. It's very easy to install and use. Official site of this project: http://dandkagency.com/ P.S: Who knows how it install in latest version of Photoshop? I have some problem with it, please help. I'll add more information of this plug-in and my own experience later.


10 more useful GIT commands: I use Git on my PC in OS Ubuntu 17.04 If you have same system read this, and try to repeat on your PC. If you try to use Git first time, you should know 10 more useful commands: For initial setting: 1. You should open terminal and write this commands: git config --global user.name - it's your name/nick; git config --global user.email - it's your email; 2. You should go to directory with your project by terminal (use "cd dir/dir/yourProjectDir/", if you don't know). 3. Next step you should initialization Git: git init 4. Next step will be create README.md file. In this file you discribe your project (at first time you may skip this step). 5. You should add all files and directories what you have at this time. File like index.html...(for understanding). git add fileName.css 6. Next for check status use command: git status 7. If you forgot something it's no problem. Everytime you may see commands. Use this: git --help 8. Next you have two ways for work: local and remotely. If you do all commands on your PC at first, your should add remote repository. Use commands: git remote add origin < address > next step is: git push - for sending to server. 9. If in your first step was created git on remote repository like github or bitbucket, use this commands for adding: git clone < site address> 10. Now I using Visual Studio Code for my projects. If you use same IDE, when you are on the git directory of your project, write on terminal this: code . and after this will start VSC with your project with last commit. 11. When you want to save your last work use command: git commit fileName.css - m "Your message" These commands are used in any OS.


Everybody who wants start Git, sign up GitHub and try its tutorials.


Thank You Vlad Spirin for Your help!!! It is great from You!!! I really like read this discussion with Your recommendations. learngitbranching.js.org is very beneficial


i came from other background education than IT. at first ,basically i dont have any knowledge about programming. i tried many tutorial but still dont have enlightment about what programming is. then i came to lynda.com(its not a promotion). the first thing make me understand about programming is by learning "programming fundamental" at lynda.com which is taught by someone who is i forgot the name but he's bald. from there i understand many thing, then can make a significant progress after many practice. i dont know exactly but my way to learn is to understand the fundamental thing first then doing many practice and some pairing with friend. if im just practice i cant understand it. as i remember this is my list of what im learning about programming in the first time: 1. programming fundamental. 2. object oriented programming. 3. software development lifecycle. 4. basic computer network principle. 5. how computer works. 6. database fundamental. 7. basic algorithm. and why im not suggest you to learn some languange or framework from first time? because it works me , im not learning about languange. in my first job i just pass an algorithm test then i work as java developer from scratch. i mean scratch here i dont really know even how to create basic gui program, in my first day i only create a pseudocode to solve the problem which is accepted by my boss then he suggest me to try translate it one by one to java code . but here is the conclusion from me. you can start at the core all of it. if you understand the core(for me its object oriented programming and backend) you can learn anything quickly. because its just a tool which is at the core is same like other. if you understand how to use some languange/framework than you can go on learn other faster than just blindly doing practice without understand the fundamental.


Thank You for Sharing


@Vlad That's awesome. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 🙏 May I ask what kind of learning resource you are using for both studying and practising (I meant for material design) ?


It's a great tutorial for everyone who wants to understand Git: https://learngitbranching.js.org


Learn Vagrant and Linux commands, try to build a web server on Vagrant, install LAMP or NodeJS/MongoDB, use it as as dev platform to test all the server codes.