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List of C++ small game engines (2D)

Tell me witch game engines in your opinion are the best for newbie. Ofc someone could say unreal engine, but I'm talking about game engines where we can practice our code skills! And second reason is my wooden pc can't open unreal :(. Let's make a list of cool c++ game engines (2D).

8/5/2017 10:21:31 AM


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The Torque Game Engine (TGE) from Garage Games may be worth a look for lower spec machines. The TGE is their older engine but you may still be able to find the v1.4/1.5 demos floating around the internet. The newer Torque 3D engine is available for free as is their 2d engine. See Reality factory is an older 3d game engine but it's easy to use and it's free. Id Games have made the source code for their Doom and Quake engines available, and Valve software provide the sdk and tools for the Half-Life games. See also


gamebryo, ogre3d


Great answer Martin! Thanks to you