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Tricks for challenges:

1. Finish, first above all, your sololearn course. 2. Start challenging players with levels equal as yours or less, for easy resolve. 3. Check the "view correct answers" at the finish of your challenges and review the mistakes. 4. Challenge first the player that have challenged you because possibly will be the same questions. 5. Take practice of the questions, in playground or in quiz factory, rating submissions. Share your tricks. Note: updating with suggestions. +. Create your own quizze

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continuation of suggestions: 21. Don't be afraid of the good people as Nikolay Nachev, if you afraid you will lose. 22. Make sure your internet connection is working ☺, because when connection is lost then challenge is stopped and can be lost. 23. Check battery's level and never switch your phone off in the middle of the challenge. 24. Don't focus on the timer, instead focus on question. 25. Agree sololearn's policies. 26. Enjoy! 27. Never remember the answer of the question instead remember the concept behind it.


dated updating with suggestions: 7. Take pen and paper and/or calculator at hand for "short" operations. 8. Challenge high level players so you won't lose much XP and will learn hard questions. 9. With a lot of challenges, you will get familiar on questions and the knowledge behind them. 10. Winning challenges, you will get more challenged by players because that place you around first positions of the list and possibly into random opponent option. 11. Take a screenshot of the question or wait the finish of the challenge for check "view correct answers" and practice the mistaken questions. 12. Analyze the key point of your question ether from screenshots or from "view correct answers" for comprehend it. 13. Before start fill in the blank, take a whole look on the question because the keyboard will cover part of it and could get confused. 16. Have good memory for questions that requires long time to be solved. 17. Challenges which are declined by the other player have the possibility of check "view correct answers". 18. Daily challenges keep working our math logic and refresh syntaxes plus encourage to code. 19. Take a second look on the question although you already know it. 20. Take a break between a serie of done challenge. Considered as cheat: 6. Have a practical account and main one, but preferably use an unique account. note: Not challenge yourself. 14. Leaving before 5th round of received challenges so it will expired after 1 day and won't affect the xp plus check the answers. note: not yet tested. Not working. 15. Leaving in 4th round of generated challenges and when it expires after a day, will be without effect so it is possible check "view correct answers" of your expired challenges, thus no affecting the xp. note: tested. Note: the challenges' xp are based on


What's your goal when you challenge someone? MY goal is to gain experience, think about coding and learn about new problems that never occurred before so that I can LEARN how to deal with it in the future. If you make mistakes, you should review the correct answers. But don't try to memorize the correct answer - try to figure out, why the program didn't do what you expected it to do (well, that's how you learn). But I don't think you should create a second account just for learning purpose. Despite the fact that people gain more xp than they lose (on average), I think it's nice to see the progress. This is an app to learn. Part of the process of learning is failure (at least once in a while). Don't try to hide this part of your way. This gets other learners demotivated and it doesn't reflect reality. So please don't try to create the perfect account - just try to improve.


Good Tricks.


(clash royale released 2v2 battles just recently) But how will the 2v2 be like? Is it 2 people answer the same question?


Yeah but never challenge your main account with that other account else Hatsy steps in....


just take as many as you can. you will improve and will win more often. its not about stats its about learning these handy things and get faster and better in understanding what code does for your next projects


6. Practice with alternate account. :D (not that I do that a lot. but its done often) edit. by that I mean using another account to learn the questions first and then apply your knowledge with your main account)


This is very helpful tricks for challenge lovers


Challenge a lot, you will get familiar with the questions and the knowledge behind them.


everything fails if your smartphone keypad has issues. sometimes you press the key nothing gets printed. othertimes keyboard covers the area where you need to type in your answer and by the time you get rid of it, either your time is over or the panic sets in. paper and pen; not sure how much helpful it would be. i mean how much time do we have to read the question and trying to solve it on paper and type the answer back. calculator could be helpful though. i think 8-9 inch tablets are best to play challenges. 5-5.5 inch screen of smartphones is still small. Sololearn team anything in the pipline to make the challenges available on desktops or laptops?


"view correct answers" that's the Trick 😀


Have a pen and paper and/or calculator for the maths/calculations also open an ide for the respective language just in case you come across a short quiz


What is your strategy to ATTRACT people in the first place?


Challenge high level players first so that even if you lose, it's not much.


the trick is please don't decline my challenge



@Vengat yeah.


@Telena Meinders well said!