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Unity game engine

hey guys.who works with unity , specially c# programming.please share your experience.thanks


8/4/2017 11:41:11 PM


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The things that I liked in Unity are: it has a big growing and active community with a lot of different plugins available. It uses pretty simple C# with OOP and static types. The code is compilable against various platforms including web (However sometimes you need to write a native code). Also a big plus is a scene editor that makes the developing fun and fast. There are a lot of games in Unity already on mobile and PC market and they run well on modern devices.


What is your _Question_??


I've done some simple 2d games to get used to Unity. (A version of BrickBreaker and some bulletHeaven type thing) Also did an RPG attempt, it worked but I kinda gave up from lack of motivation. Now just started working on a 3d chess game. Hoping to add a unique field of view to the chess board. 👋🌚👋 I'm really bad with Models and Animations 😜. Scripting be ezpz though.


The unit is very fun, and on its official website there are good courses for both programming and design And if you also like to do 3d design, blender is an excellent option for it, as it is free and there are many courses on YouTube, not to mention that selling assets on the Unity page is a good business


I created a very very simple game using it and found the whole experience quite enjoyable. Really enlightening to find out how much effort goes into creating games


i have quite a bit of experience with unity, do you have a question?


i get that too, it's a bug. something wrong with the apk signer. i believe it's Google's fault. Haven't worked on it much so idk how exactly to fix it yet


@andrew kharchenko i cant export my android project.with a fatal error