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free-programming e-books library from github

i've found a huge library on github, all languages and more hope it can be usefull

8/4/2017 6:55:40 PM


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hum yes nice forgot about the share option


star there but it only gives notifs on new posts


@andrew it won't appear in my posts


you can email a link to this thread using the share function which is found in the top right hand corner of this post. clicking the star enables notifications for new posts on this thread only.


thank you very much


And it's not what you need? Oh, I think I understand... You'd like to scroll your own activity feed and find your message to go to this thread when you need, right?


posting a comment to earmark thread


Thank for the information


@Abdur-Rahman Janhangeer You can just press (click/tap) a star sign under the question and it will subscribe you to the thread like when you post here but without posting. ;-)


@Abdur-Rahman Janhangeer Are you reading this from your Android device? Can you send a link to a screenshot to check if that star is not there?


yes, a "code" is a better solution (because it's not in common place like Q/A, but like "in" your account, "your own place", so you are not "spamming" Q/A section which is [meant] for other purposes) :)


@Aube Thank you for sharing!


one solution could be to make a new "question" where you would put all your favs... ? or a code ...? this way it can stay private, or even public, the other people comments would not "mess" your list...


Thanks for the helpful info!


Thank u very much


thanks so much 😊


thank u :D


great work