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More newbie questions! Sorry!!

These arw for assignments, so I don't want answers, but just pointers. Some of them are more about what is actually been asked than how to do it. I don't know if this is a ridiculously difficult assignment for somebody with no programming background, or if I am being a moron!

8/4/2017 3:11:54 AM

Richard Appleton

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This doesn't seem to be beginner tier at all. Graphical and not console means that the assignment requests that your app/game/whatever has a GUI, not just a simple console app.


when did the course start?!? That has file i/o, path finding, memory management and more... in my opinion thats way too much for a first project


I would start with 4 then 3 then 5 then 2 and finally 1

+9 This book covers some of those subjects. *not path finding or graphics


sounds like they are invested in your education 😀


thats intense. did you try copying pong (i.e typing) yet?


woah. did you google this organisation?


sweet. maybe they changed


was it just the exe file they provided? it should have been code. Do you mind telling me who is providing the course? I am curious 😊


1. Create a maze and find a pathway through it using the A* method. I think I can do this bit. 2. Display images on the screen. I asked for advice with this yesterday which has led to today's header question. 3. Load and Save data at runtime. i don't even know what this wants! 4. Generate data during runtime. Doea this mean manipulate variables etc? 5. Track and report memorry allocation and deallocation. is this *Pointer and &Variable stuff? showing the hex address of where things are stored? Finally, it has a note that it must all be graphical, not console. what does that even mean!? hah. Thank you


@Jay. It's an online and correspondence course. Finish the book and do the assignment and you get the next section. This is the assignment for Book 2. Book 1 used Game Maker to get basic concepts like variables and sprites etc. but did no actual programming beyond that. The rest of it was more technical stuff, like how colours are made up of mixes of RGB etc. Book 2 introduced Visual Studio and the Hello World programme and then suddenly went into a Pong / Breakout type game but I was just given a download of code with no explanation and it didn't even run because some libraries were missing (or something) I had to do some sort of update to my Visual Studio to install some additional variations. As you may gather, I have no idea what is happening!! :-D


No. It was a download file which wouldn't run. I am finding it very frustrating! Another question coming soon...


They provided the code, but as a zip download. i extract it and load it into Visual Studio and all the "bits" drop into the right places, but there is no explanation on what these "bits" actually are and no help when I said it wouldn't run beyond "You can't have loaded it properly!" Haha. It is by a provider called Train2Game.


Oh dear. sounds ominous! I shall do it now.


I have paid nothing like that amount! And my enrolment runs out in September. I have the guarantee that I can take as long as I like though so we shall see.