Hello sololearn, I have a great idea to make this app even better.

It would be great to have a comment section for codeplayground. Because i have noticed that when i see someones code, and theres a mistake, i cant tell them or inform them. So please take my idea into consideration. And those who agree, please upvote.

9/18/2016 8:26:44 PM


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The code playground still needs some love, for example to fight code theft: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/137751/?ref=app


and a coder to coder chat would be also nice i think..what about you?


And how about being able to see other people's code only by looking at their profiles? I think you should be able to do that too.


And what about chat section for texting?


Thats a great idea too!


Igor, They got the message. If you check in the code section, you can post comments :)


Yahooooo I have unblocked a new badge and also level 9 I happy!!???! will you say anything about my this achievement I you will give me a suggestion​ https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/369640/?ref=app


Now people are able to make comments. Thanks!



How do I improve my skills in programming languages​ I have spend much time Reading books and watching Tutorials on YouTube but. but can't not successful to build any program https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/366579/?ref=app


need animation like gif


coder should be offline ?


There was an error but I got the idea


yes,exactly it's a good idea.


yes it is exactly what I want


yes this is a best idea..


Tag your question as SoloLearn, maybe they'll see it.


That is so true! I have a great idea! Those people who are agaisnt code thiefs can send a message to the creator of this app! ;)


You should give your idea in feedback section of solo learn.Then they'll see it


That's a great idea!!!!!♥♥♥