Hello sololearn, I have a great idea to make this app even better.

It would be great to have a comment section for codeplayground. Because i have noticed that when i see someones code, and theres a mistake, i cant tell them or inform them. So please take my idea into consideration. And those who agree, please upvote.

9/18/2016 8:26:44 PM


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and a coder to coder chat would be also nice i think..what about you?


And how about being able to see other people's code only by looking at their profiles? I think you should be able to do that too.


And what about chat section for texting?


Thats a great idea too!


Igor, They got the message. If you check in the code section, you can post comments :)


Now people are able to make comments. Thanks!


The code playground still needs some love, for example to fight code theft: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/137751/?ref=app


need animation like gif


coder should be offline ?



Tag your question as SoloLearn, maybe they'll see it.


yes this is a best idea..


yes it is exactly what I want


yes,exactly it's a good idea.


must be a great idea.We should have a code comment section where one can even make recommendations towards improving a given code


how about copy from comments section


Hello euh im french so my english is not perfect ! The question me im not a reponse by


Already you can post comments on codes


please add more tutorial


saya baru belajar java. karena saya masuk jurusan rpl di smk. dan saya harap moga saya dapat sharing di sini