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Languages For Electrical Engineers ?

What do you think which programming languages we EEE fellows need ? we definitely don't need much HTML , php or java etc cause not related to our major . If I am wrong you are cordially welcome to correct me.

8/1/2017 11:36:34 PM


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Well, a lot of times it may be for robotic programming. So in that case, it would depend on what robot you are programming. Most will have their own languages. So it depends on what you are going to be doing as an EE.


Arduino uses some kind of C++ I believe, so that could be usefully to learn.


Oh, yes! MATLAB definitely! And c related, I don't know about python. I'm sure it couldn't hurt.


what do you guys think about MATLAB and python ?


as an electrical engineering student myself, we on uni are learning c and c++ since those are most manipulative languages as far as i know


anddd matlab of course 😉 good luck


I would second ChessMaster! Arduino uses a form of C, and a lot of stuff you're going to run into is going to be C or C++ based, so it's definitely a good language to understand! Good luck from one electrical engineer to another!!!