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What Back-end technology should i choose?

It really confuses what back-end technology should i use! - PHP - C# and ASP.NET Core - Node.js - Python Django - Ruby on Rails

7/30/2017 9:40:56 PM

Jihad Naji

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There is no best language. It all depends on what you want to do. Each language has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. For example: node.js is a language that excels at asynchronous I/O, and has a beautiful package manager (npm) with tons of packages for literally everything. However, it’s single-threaded and … well, JavaScript, and that has all the problems that come with JavaScript. Python is a great language with many popular frameworks (Flask, Django, etc). It is one of the best languages for stitching together many different parts of different systems. Like node.js, Python’s package manager (pip) has packages for literally everything. It is a great language for speed of development and readability. However, it’s not exactly fast, and if you have a computationally intensive backend, it may not be the best choice. Go is a language like C/C++ that is fantastic for speed. It is great for concurrency and super fast since it compiles to machine code. However, there are not as many available packages, and it can be difficult to design an stable server architecture with it. There are many more languages with their strengths and weaknesses that I haven’t listed. Take your pick depending on what you need. It depends on whether you’re developing for a large company or just hacking stuff together (in which case, use Python).


Thanks alot guys for your answers


Actually, there are no single best technology which can act as the holy grail. Each tech is better than others in some ways. Node - Best for sites with lots of IO (user interactions etc) Java, C#, Python - Best for sites that need to run complex calculations but require less IO (DNA matching etc) Ruby on Rails, PHP - Best for developing products extremely fast (like Minimum Viable Products asap) So, as you can see, each tech is best at what it does in someways. My preference: Ruby on Rails because of it's elegance, ease of use and robustness.


i suggest ruby on rails because is easy to learn and python because is simple and practice


Manan Cholera Here is a Beginners course for Node JS https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-nodejs


PHP is recommended


actually to write backend it takes three languages it's called a stack 1. the I forgot 2. the framework 3. the database


php, nodejs


Really depends what languages you want to use My personal favorites: Python - Django PHP - Laravel Ruby - Ruby on Rails They all have their own advantages and are all fairly easy to get an application up and running


Where can i master node.js ? Any tutorial websites or webpages ?