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🔥What are the New Trends in AI (Artificial Intelligence)🔥

I used LISP and PROLOG when i was in college 10 years ago What is the new fields in AI programming? and ..what is the best and common tools and languages used. Thanks in advance💃

7/30/2017 9:43:46 AM


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About AI... you know Facebook shut down its AI because there are 2 AI Bob and Alice first they talk each other with English then they make they own languages luckily we can understand what they said such as "I want that book to me to me to me to me to me" or "I got tree i i you got else " 😅😅so what Ellon Musk , Stephen Hawking , and Bill Gates worried about is really true 😅 so be carefull if you created an AI (its dangerous) AI can hack system easily ..


thanks for your reply @Matthias W I am thinking of software thing that predicts information according to data or learning. this software could be implemented on robot or arduino device connected with sensors. maybe i am talking in general point of view...but the future is for Intelligent devices and software that could learn itself accourding to AI algorithms or Nural Networks... i will start with your first comment to read more on hubot and microsoft project of AI. maybe i could assemble a good idea to implement a real life test project on AI.


thanks for answer @ArtemisAthena456 but what kind of tools to start AI project..?


There is a bunch of chatbots out there, I think github one called Hubot is mainly JavaScript and capable of more than chatting, like updating or deploying your projects. But if you preceive more general Machine Learning (ML) algorithms as AI this project from Microsoft might interest you https://github.com/Microsoft/ELL. Still there is no final solution for artificial intelligence, so for now you should probably think about appliance and then look for the tools. There is a lot of great ML Frameworks out the, you should also look at weka for scientific application. If you throw a bunch of learning algorithms together and train them with appropriate data you might end up with something fairly intelligent.


Can you be more precise what you mean by AI? You might be thinking about a robot, that moves around and behaves like a human would or something that predicts the weather, given the data of past weather events.