How did you come to know Sololearn and how does it help you become better ?😊😄👧Share your story. | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


How did you come to know Sololearn and how does it help you become better ?😊😄👧Share your story.

Are you becoming better as a - coder/ programmer/challenger/asker/commentator/chatter/contributor/designer/animator/networker or person? Thanks / ありがとう!

7/30/2017 1:30:48 AM

CC Calvello

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I am in class 11,And I introduced to programming language. I thought I should have to take tutorials . but not able to find... So, I thought to study with the help of apps, And I download Many python apps and then finally downloaded Learn python app,and from there I came to sololearn. I will be always be thankful to this app,from their I learn a lot and also get huge support from this community ,especially thanks to everyone😊who always guided me This is really best app !!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you CC🍎


Same here, I found Sololearn from watching YT, there's a guy who's able to utilize his SoloLearn certificates📝 plus some of his ✏works and able to get better job, 💺i got curious so I did check Sololearn app and I found it to be great to get in depth of fundamentals and 🎯hone skills on the go.😊👍👌✊👊✋


I was browzing the google playstore for learning apps to learn python. back then sololearn had different apps for different languages before they updated it and merged them all into one. This app has turned out to be a gem since then, helped me widen my knowledge of other languages that I typically dont use. I love the various features of sololearn and the community of 7 million + learners makes this platform even more awesome.


My schoolmate Neo Wei Jun Samuel recommended me to do the Python course here (I asked him since he was doing list syntax while we just started learning loops) He is inactive now.😢


I appreciate all your awesome answers guys!!!😄 thank you for sharing !😇 Strive more towards your goal !!! 😊 👍


my cousin @Agustin introduced to me and doing good in SL. learned a lot from it.


@Ledio cool! you know what's happening on you are really good, just keep on moving forward and be unstoppable! 😊 👍 btw thank also, I posted it coz i would like to get some nuggets of inspiration from all of you guys! Domo / ども / Thanks!


From Google Play Store.


from one YouTube channel "Coding tutorials 360". One guy there has passing jQuery course, and I decided do the same. And that's why I begun. 👍👍👍 to be continue...


It's almost 1 year now... I was looking for a C# learning app that could help me to recall the differences between Java and C# as I need to convert a Java code to C#... Then I stumbled upon the C# app of SoloLearn... When I went back to Play Store to check if there is a Java app from the same SoloLearn, I stumbled upon their 'unity' app... In those days in SoloLearn, "Ace" had a different name and very active... I and my brother @Aina Oluwafemi used to check his progress daily... Other prominent persons then were "Nikhil", "Filip", "Helen", "Washika D"... And "Nikolay N." hadn't really come up! ^-^


Coder and contributor 😸 And I am 7 months old I found it in Play Store while searching for a HTML teaching app... I wanted to learn HTML to cover up with my school book but I strengthened my skills up to further !


My java teacher gave me Learn java app when I was third yr B-tech student but I wasn't much interested it. Last month, one of my friends told me that SL was so good and was suitable with me(But her acc is inactive now😂). As a uni student, I usually spend about six hours on the bus( what I usually say "Time wasting"). Now I can learn even on the bus ☺ I usually challenge to know my weakness on every subject. There are many codes that make my jaw drops in SL. As my final exam is nearer and nearer, I can't take time to write codes on SL😔😔. Thanks @CC for this post. And sorry for my bad English Skill😁😁 ありがとうございました❤❤


@Duke keep up that passion for programming! some people succeed even if it's not the degree they take.. 😊👍 @Swati that's true huge support from community is really great plus plenty of helpful and friendly people that's really good. 😊😄 @Namita you must have love the ambiance here at SoloLearn 😊 @ Rahul welcome to the group! 😊 👍 Enjoy and reach on your goal man! 😄 @Ekansh I didn't know you've been here for a while! thanks for sharing! 😊 👍


it's all happen in sudden with me ! I was coming back from TAJ MAHAL trip with my 2 best friends on a train ! my friend who already using this app suggested me to install the app n check codes in code playground to not feel bored in night ! I checked the codes all night and found other features of the app more interesting too ! then I felt like yeah this is the place I wanted to be ! I wanted to learn java from here [ there was separate app for each language 5 months ago when I installed ] but not just java , I learnt other languages too ! which helped me to improve more my coding skills and I got to know differences between the programming languages and their uses ! the contributors here helps from basic to advanced things in an easy understandable way ! The only peaceful and qualified coding community that I ever found thanks to my friend who introduced me to SL @sudheer 💜[ he's not active btw ] and thanks to the great community !! so, the journy started 5 months ago on train in sudden and it not ended till yet 😆😅 KEEP LEARNING - KEEP CODING everyone [happy coding to all]


@^^ Femyk ^^ that's interesting to know!😄 thanks a for sharing some trivia of how Sololearn was before... 😊👍 @Ipang i totally agree. cool!!!😊👍 @RC, @Bernard1k thanks for sharing your experience. ' appreciate it! 😊 👍


Though I hold a degree in Fine Arts, I couldn't resist my hunger for technology and computer science which led me to look for ways to learn programming without going to school. so while searching on Google playstore I stumbled on the sololearn app in 2016. I must say it has been a wonderful experience so far.


@CC all I want now is a full pie chart and the moderator responsibility. I am dying for that rwspinsibility and will do anything for it.


i was looking for an app in playstore where I could learn Phython, and there it was Learn Python on Sololearn on the recommended apps weeks later I learn about the all in one app...from then its just been amazing


Mom says last one then bed but she quickly turned off the wifi. Crazy thing is I'm only left with free "jurrassic" mobile data! 😂😂😂 Challenge to be continued tomorrow... Mata ne Ar'Y'an Good night everyone!👧👨👩👩👶👦 and Domo Arigato gozaimasu / 🎉Thank you ALL🎉 for sharing all your interesting story📗📑📓📕and thank you also for taking time to like!👍 I appreciate alot!😊😄👍👌


@Ar'Yan it happens when my Internet hangs and I'm not paying attention! 😅it's okay no worries! 😊 👍