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Dear SoloLearn team, You are always late very late in declaring the code of the day please be alert it seems more like code of old days see the current gavin one . . . when was it written?

7/26/2017 4:31:14 PM

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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It isn't really necessary for CoTD to be created recently. It simply gets featured today. Last time I checked, dead painters don't complain about post-mortem fame. ;D


That's true 👍👍👍, but maybe they wait until the code gets more likes.


Abdur's comment >> yes sl has always been like oriented, the inflencer piece of wheel quiz factory... About the Quiz Factory you're right, but most of the CoTD before to be in the Home Page did not have visibility at all, for example my "Javascript Text Editor" had 20, 30 upvotes... after the CoTD, +400. :P The CoTD is one of the most fair things in Sololearn and a good opportunity to give the right visibility to valuable works. Remember that quality requires time, otherwise any trending codes would be CoTD, definitely faster... but it would not be so fair. ;)


@hatsy all interest lost in code


i think sololearn should create a poll to decide cotd.


@nomeh yes sl has always been like oriented -> the inflencer piece of wheel quiz factory...


true a poll better


Old or new, SL should define the parameters for evaluating COTD. No of likes should NOT be one of the parameter as people invariably likes the code coming from popular people. Also COTD entry should not contain any use of 3rd party scripts, framework libraries (web programmers will not like this!). I also wonder that instead of COTD, should we have COTD for each language?


COTD for each lang -> awesome idea !


time yes but too much no