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How to learn and master AngularJS

I started with Web Development and now it has been a month or so. I am pretty comfortable with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap but when I started with Angular, the things started to mess up. Angular is not that clear to me and I am unable to understand from where should I study and what all resources are the good ones... It would be very kind and helpful of anyone of you if someone guides me how to dwell deep into AngularJS.

7/26/2017 3:34:27 PM

Antoreep Jana

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If you're just asking about the various resources to learn AngularJS, here's my answer : imo, w3schools is the best resource to have when learning anything related to web development. Although, if you're not quite happy with it, here are some more similar links : • • • • • • And as @Sami pointed out, learning AngularJS requires some better knowledge about JS ^^


have you gone to through JavaScript first ? and then jQuery???


so go through it..


Ohkkk... Thanks a lot


if you can run through the tutorial quickly like flash then.. you slowly like hulk you will put to practice each line you Learn.. repeat lessons..


I have gone through java script from other website. I didnt do Jquery yet.


Thanks a lot :)