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Programming Robot

I wanted to know what language we need to use to program a robot. The robot I mean is ; - The one used in a company - The one used to do human activites - The one used to lift weights

7/26/2017 12:35:47 PM

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Industrial robots are programmed using a "teach pendant", a hand held console that plugs into the system. The pendant has buttons, or sometimes a joystick, used to move the robot arm to the required position and orientation. The controller remembers these positions and simply follows the path. Unless safety devices like light curtains or bump switches are employed any human or other object getting in the way gets trashed. Industrial robots have about as much smarts as a remote controlled toy.




For your delight and entertainment take a look at: for examples of online programming of an industrial robot. For an example of offline programming of an industrial robot using python watch


if you uses raspberry pi you need to know python that only robot i know ; l