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For the "Hackers"

On Sololearn (SL) some post questions asking about hacking, that is fine. The problem is, many of them ask about hacking Facebook, Myspace, Snapchat or some other social media site. This thread is not for those users. This thread is for the ones, who will not do things that will land themselves in prison. Hacking is not about good and bad. Hacking is a useful tool, that can lead to a rewarding career.

7/26/2017 9:05:18 PM


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I still remember the term hacker was originally used to describe a programmer 😢 Where did we go wrong? How did it get this way? 😰


I think the term "hacker" is mis-used frequently. In my opinion Hacker is a mindset and not someone who alters content on facebook to get even with an ex-girlfriend = "Script Kiddies". Again, just my opinion but Hacking isnt something you even need a computer for. It is a unique way of thinking and realizing that there are many solutions to a problem and the way it is solved may take many paths. I once gaied acces to a system by pretending to be the IT guy, I told the guy the network problem was originating from his terminal. I told him I needed his log in credentials to correct the problem. He resisted at first, but when I told him nevermind I can get that info from Management, it would just take more time. As I started to walk away he quickly allowed me access so I could fix the "network problem" = wiping from their database a file that did not belong to them that they obtained through fraudulent means. I hacked their network, not with a computer but with good old fashioned Social Engineering. Hacking is mearly an outside of the box way of thinking and solving problems. If you are learning to code to get even with someone buy altering content on facebook then you probably will not make it very far. Just my opinion......


❄ Top 5 Websites To Learn Hacking ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ //Please Reduce Posts About Hacking


Cybrary A free website that a hacking and security courses


Book-marked ^^


Not really my cup of tea, but maybe some of you guys will find this ebook interesting. It's free to download for 90 minutes or so... Not only it is about network diagnosis, but security issues, too. "Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook"




Here is a massive repository of resources


You can do pentesting in Python with Kali Linux. It is best suited for this.


Unkown: A guy who likes his own posts. 🤔


For those who what to pursue a career in hacking. Here are some great videos that I find helpful: - Ted Talks Youtube Channel videos


@Kuba Penetration Testing With Python. Was The First Simple Book That I Read And Most Of Examples Of It Exsist On GitHub And Packtpub also don't forget Cyberer Discussions ;)


Hacking isn't bad and don't also call it a tool 😑 because now you're making people think it's a one tool ? wrong the answer it's the art of exploitation,cracking,stealing,backdooring and more those ! as a pen tester hacking is very fun nice but a little hard for example sometimes when you have to spend time and there is no work you can do some games for example capture the flag (explained as penetrating a Target for hijacking,stealing or cracking into hashs to create a custom keylogger or a backdoor) also don't forget that security is made to be penetrated ;) that's it, just more of those !


Cybrary has an app in the google playstore here is a link


Packtpub shares an e-book on Linux Binary Analysis. Perhaps you'll find it useful: About the book:


Leap Courses Cryptography Hacking and Security


@noname Thank you for sharing! I agree, there is a TON of bias views toward hacking.


thank you 👍👍


❓ What are whitehats?


The Easiest Type Of Tools (But Still Like The Console Tools) Are The GUI Tools Like GUI RATs For Example Myth RAT(Premium Offers A Payload That Won't Leave The Device Even After Factory Reset)