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To make app for playstore what should I need

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7/8/2017 9:03:43 PM

Sugandh Shreshta

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First you need to have a dev license with Google Play, which is 25$.


check udacity courses especially basics android nanodegree course


I suggest having a look at Unity if you want to try C#. Great GameEngine, can easily get things on the PlayStore from there.


i can see that you have tagged c# language so i think i would not be wrong if i say you know c#. well a good news for you..with visual studio and xamarian plugin you could create android apps with this language c#. no need of java or android studio or anything like that



Khalid how I get it


shreshta if you want udemy course just google the course name with suffix 100% off and there is good chance that you will get the course for free


I know Karl but thanks for help


faith I unity there is lot of coding for game