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Can I get some opinions on this code please?

I want to make a color theme generator that generate a color palette for websites. I want them to have contrast and match. Any suggestions on how to improve of features to add will be greatly appreciated. This is my code:

7/8/2017 8:55:38 PM

Kevin Oudai

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Why would you replace vanilla JS with JQuery, as the pure JS version already exists? The only benefits to use JQuery in this case is mostly to reduce a few the length of the code, but loosing readability for non JQuery users ^^


Only for JQuery users ;) Suggestion for your code improvment: show the base color generated by the slider as preview before generating palette... As it is, user can only mostly randomly generate them ^^


I was thinking that it will make the code look simpler.


I need to fix the code since the previews for the colors does not show on mobile devices.