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Why am I getting less likes?

https://code.sololearn.com/cdhLrKO7v1Jb/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/cpVNXMuCS70O/?ref=app

7/7/2017 6:12:39 PM

Prabhakar Dev

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Because life is sad and i don't think is so important, upvotes do not change quality of your codes... but i want to share a tip in my opinion fundamental to get more visibility. In the console codes, insert some comments where you write what the code should be used for and what should be the user input, in this way you don't force users to read all the source code. There are many other tips, i made some experiments with my 'Phaser Gravity' and it was 2nd in Trending, in most cases a successful code is based on the luckiness, you can just force that luckiness. Oh... just to repeat again myself... upvotes do not change the quality of your codes, since popularity is mostly based on strange parameters, quality is not always one of these parameters. Other Tips (just to make this comment a reference for those who want upvoteeeeees without particular reasons): • Answer to all comments in your code, more comments = trending, in addition your followers will see your comments in their Activity Feed • Rename constantly the code but without change the name, just to give the impression that you update frequently the code. These and others things worked for me, it was fun but you can understand on your own why quality is not inside these parameters, these are just tips to get more popularity. :3


I know, right? I have 0 likes




also we get downvotes .this is common in every day life .but we should think different as every one like our code.for different thinking ,we should get experience by make code .and also the best code is known to be best code if the code is shortest, fastest and more useful code.so don't think about it just ahead