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libraries (Java)

hello, i dont have an clear picture what libraries are are they set of new methods, functions, classes so YOU DONT have 2 reinvent the wheel like maybe your spend years coding just to define some Args correct me if thats not true what im seeing what they are

7/4/2017 7:56:44 PM

Sarah kerr

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+5*; ???


Java library's are library's whit which you can run new commands like the Java.util.scanner


With out this library can't scanned anything PS:java.util.scanner.*; is a package of the library java.util


im talking about those libraries on the internet


no, im talking about those libs like one google created that 3 party


Yes Sarah, you're right, libraries are a collection of classes regrouped by theme, they give a cummun and normalised difinition of functions and methods needed in a certain field.