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Code Playground Shortcuts

Hi. Is anyone able to list the key shortcuts that work with the code playground. Such as for RUN, movea line up or down and edit multiple lines simultaneously. Sorry if I've missed this somewhere.

7/3/2017 9:28:32 PM


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I don't know if we can find a reference to the key shortcuts of code playground, but it should be at least two different ones: web site version is not the same that android app version ^^ On app, you cannot use tab key, as it's used by android... On web site, you cannot use the @ key (workaround: type it in url field, copy/paste), as it seems to be one of few shortcut available (this collapse all collapsable lines in editor except the current liine)... On web site, you can also indent multilines with tab key by selecting them before, but not in app... Honestly, I don't think there's a lot of shortcut, and I guess that there's no advanced features as << move a line up or down and edit multiples lines simultaneously >>...


Hope this helps


If you've stumbled on this page years later, click Hanz's link. Super helpful, ser.


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