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To the ones who want a chat feature. Other site were programming is taught like use the site to chat with other programmers to use gitter you can register directly , use your facebook account or you github account. - Github Edit Sololearn uses Discord. link(s) Server invite link:

7/3/2017 3:34:34 PM


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Free code camp is a non profit site that teachers learners the from basics,and gradually to advanced front-end and back-end developement. If you want a great and free way to get started with web developement. Free code camp (FCC) is the place for YOU.


i dont pick, the owner picked and tbh i dont like the name as much as i dont like the name SoloLearn lol


I think this can reduce unnecessary posts 💬


@Cheeze I like the name you picked for the chat group! 👌


oy manual, is the same as that link, delete the link why did u post two


@Mehul Hey


I also want to built a site like this


and from cheeze club ask the link to the soloLang project server


@Valentine posted the other in the past - done