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Can i use 2 frameworks in the seem project?

in HTML projects, can i use 2 frameworks like Bootstrap & Materialize ?

7/3/2017 3:17:28 PM

Charaf Boulafaa

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Referring from : It's fine to use multiple libraries alongside each other, as they often provide different functionality. For example, jQuery for DOM manipulation and moment.js for working with dates and times. However, a framework could be thought of more as a way to structure, or call, your code.  Because each framework takes it's own unique approach (think Backbone, Angular, Ember, etc.) it will be very difficult, not to mention unnecessary, to mix frameworks together.  It's better to find a framework that fits your needs.


Yes you can use Materialize instead of Bootstrap for making up more beautiful sliders. But they both have their own importance of making the web beautiful. Please figure out from this reference to get a clear conception upon bootstrap vs Materialize : If you go with Materialize, here's one of the best sliders example :


then include two frameworks, as far as i know there cant be a chance where they have the same keywords or class names.


Thank you Dayve , but the problem here is i'm always use Bootstrap framework but i need Sliders and really the Bootstrap carousal is not beautiful for me (they haven't a good fonctionalities) like that one in Materialize Framework ! What should i do ?


Thank you so much Dayve, can you check my profile i have posted another question and i'm really need your answer