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Can we code SWIFT within Virtual Machine?

I was wondering if we will be able to compile-n-create in Virtual machine running OSx or somethin else...

9/5/2016 9:26:00 AM

Prashant Shahi

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yes, I have win 8.1 on laptop, and put Yosemite on it with the help of virtual box Oracle program. then downloaded code and use it when my Mac mini isn't with me. only you must have lots off ram and good processor, or it will be slow. I have8gb memory on laptop, 6 of it o gave to virtual machine and it still is a little slow.


ibm dandbox for swift:


downloaded xcode I mean, auto correct is a pain.


Thanks 👍


Yeah , you can use it on Virtual machine or you can install hackintosh in your PC


Yes we can...