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Elements of content models

Hello freinds, I can't understand what does elements of content models means? Thank u for your help.

7/2/2017 7:00:52 AM


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That list the different type of contents which are allowed to stand in an Html document ^^ [ edit ] (based on the @Muhammad Umar answer... I have answered by thinking this was the asker posting context of its question :P)


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ekhtiyar darid. hala biyayd az html berim soraghe css. bad java script.


Content Models Metadata: Content that sets up the presentation or behavior of the rest of the content. These elements are found in the head of the document. Elements: <base>, <link>, <meta>, <noscript>, <script>, <style>, <title> Embedded: Content that imports other resources into the document. Elements: <audio>, <video>, <canvas>, <iframe>, <img>, <math>, <object>, <svg> Interactive: Content specifically intended for user interaction. Elements: <a>, <audio>, <video>, <button>, <details>, <embed>, <iframe>, <img>, <input>, <label>, <object>, <select>, <textarea> Heading: Defines a section header. Elements: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>, <hgroup> Phrasing: This model has a number of inline level elements in common with HTML4. Elements: <img>, <span>, <strong>, <label>, <br />, <small>, <sub>, and more.


@Vivek Singh I just copied it from one of the lessons in HTML 😏


In wich context?



well written by Mr. Muhammad SU, beautifully drafted.


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