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Reset Progress

How to reset all Progress in your profile?

7/1/2017 1:05:11 PM

Muhammad Kaleem Ullah

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Go to courses (hat section) Click Change From the options of languages click on the three dots in front of the language you want to reset the progress for.. Click Reset progress Keep in mind all the xp related to that course gets erased.


Yes , the xp earned from challenges gets erased..


A reset should be a basic functionality of this software. Not having it creates a terrible user experience. With that said, I'm cancelling my pro-subscription, if the development team doesn't integrate this functionality into its software.


The solution mentioned here does’nt work for the new update


I haven’t found anything so far. Had to create a new ID to retake a course.


i have the same issue here. The new update does not have a course reset feature



Is there a way then ?


I think it’d help a lot more if you could just share how you would reset progress.


Couldn't find how to reset the Java course


According to you, it can also erase Challenges and success?


If you are on computer: >Go to profile >Press the Gear Icon next to My Courses >Search For The Language >Press Reset >Press Yes


isaac anthony it was present before, I've used it.


Yes. It was in the previous version. The new version apparantly doesn’t have this feature.