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Are you really there for learning, playing and sharing?

Some learners spend their time copying and republishing other's codes, mostly without understanding. Is it a good way for learning? All codes are visible and accessible for all of us, it's great. but is it not better for these learners to write their own codes? I agree with the fact that writing some codes is a good thing. But I think, writing our own codes is better. Creativity is something that some learners ignore. Maybe I'm wrong about the way of learning. Tell me your minds if possible. Thanks.

7/1/2017 9:14:14 AM

Tanguy P. WAMINA

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But @Ahri you did not make a cross browser version for my (and @Tim.G) browsers! :3 @-webkit-keyframes before of all other statements and -webkit-animation before of all other CSS rules. ^^ Yep, anyway i am agree, no matter if someone save my codes, Open Source is free for all, sometimes also documented to inspire other users to understand how different things work together. :)


I argue its good IF they edit them. They can use the original code as a base to build into something different. And well, it's great for learning! For example, I learned a lot about HTML + CSS by editing this code: Into this: I'm a lot more comfortable with the idea of making a website due to how easy it was. I didn't even know css, I just experimented. People have taken my code at least three times and have improved or changed it into their own thing, and I love that!


@Roman Cage only those who change it to be something new should make it public. Otherwise it should be private, but if they learned from it, thats still good. I have plenty who have copied my code with no edits, and I do not advocate for that.


@Ahri, you're not wrong... But it depends on kinds of modifications they do. look at this code and then look at this one Do you think the second one is useful for the learner who have written that? there are many others examples



@Maz I agree to you, community is about to make something awesome, help each other and learn from their faults. I think you've used Scratch like me and know that it is almost the same as SoloLearn, but no courses