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Any pro coders here? i wanna know how you think before writing a logic for a program.

6/29/2017 3:47:07 AM

K Sai Kiran

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I'm not anywhere near to pro. I use django and gtk so I just make apps, connects them to main and project complete.


So long as you know your stuff well, you can pretty much get in there and get it done if you know that it's possible (and, really, what's not possible with computers?)


I usually create a flowchart, with a specific goal in mind, you break it down to numerous components and solve them throughout the chart. Then you will start having an idea of how to code specific implementations you need to finish your program.


I like to visualize the problem/task. I write them down on paper either as pictures or I create a logic map. It helps me see visually where problems might occur and the best approach to them. It also can help you keep track as well. We read walls of code and text, so having a visual aid greatly enhances your ability to keep track. If I'm unable to visualize It, I write down what I want to do in puedocode.


Here's a couple of tips that I hope will help: 1. Think about the problem like a computer does. It helps you build the logic. "What do I want to do? What data to I currently have? What data do I need in order to accomplish the task? How do I get that data? What do I do with that data to accomplish my goal? Etc. " 2. Use a develoment cycle. There are plenty of development cycle models out there but the one I tend to use is: -Think to youeself: "What is the problem or task I'm trying to solve/accomplish?" -Write on paper or on a word document the hierarchy of your logic. What needs to happen first? What needs to happen after that? -Code the solution you wrote down -Test the solution. If the solution doesn't work then restart the cycle. That's why it's a cycle :)