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STOP Making quiz like "What is the hex value of pink" type quiz's. We(you) are human not a programmed machine that we can/will solve them 😑 And not there anyone using their brain to guess hex value of color.

6/27/2017 7:53:41 PM

Washiul Alam Sohan

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| RGB | RED GREEN BLUE # F 0 0 = RED # 0 F 0 = GREEN # 0 0 F = BLUE Not so hard and no need to use Adobe Photoshop, just remember this table, all the rest are different shades of "red, green, blue", or mix between them, F is the maximum value, 0 is the minimum hexadecimal value. Just simplified, i stopped to play with HTML as weapon (only JS now), so... i've no idea about actual questions in HTML quizzes, hope this explanation is enough... otherwise, i recommend to send a feedback to Sololearn in app or email to: [email protected]


While I do not agree with the creation of quizzes based on identifying the correct hex values for colors, there are actually ways to identify what color those hex values may correspond to. It would however require knowledge in color mixing/overlapping res.


Thanks to you , quizmakers can learn from you πŸ‘


+ Stop asking what HTML means, okay? We know. After a million submissions.


@Hatsy I will use my Adobe Photoshop instead of learning these hex color code. πŸ˜’


@Maart I just fired by this quiz when challenging a level 10 guy- "What is the correct way to declare HTML Document Type- ♦ <!DOCTYPE HTML ♦ <html5> ♦ None of these ♦ <!doctype=html> " Nothing to say....


@Ali I am going to mail Sololearn πŸ˜’


@Maz Hope you not using this method of making color on you code 🐸


yes I agree with you that reason why I stop challenges πŸ˜’ 😀


If you understand color code. We actually can guess the answer of color code of pink color. It should be with lot of red color and moderate green and blue. So the color code should be around #FF8080.


Never understood the purpose of those questions and how they actually got upvotes and passed. Age of the net. I will just say, Adobe Cooler... Simple as that. Behind you 100%! About 16.000.000 colors. Go and remember all the hex code if you like. I'll stick to the easy way. hehehehe


I don't do a lot of challenges and not constantly,but all the quizzes I encountered, about colors or chars had selectable answers implying knowledge of the generic concept rather than remembering a specific value. For examplea question asking for pink the correct answer would have some values for red and blue while the otherswould be a white all 0 values, a black all f values ora green. To answer that question you have to know the basic rgb concept rather than remembering what is the hex code for pink( you get there by exclusion). Of course, if you don't know anything about rgb, you can learn this SIMPLE and ubiquitous technique and be grateful to the challenge that pushed you to do that.. In the beginning I knew rgb but I didn't use hex values. Thanks to a challenge I got familiar with hex values: don't feel like complaining.


it is hard to remember or know exactly which color from the hexadecimal code, but there are some rules you can depend on, e.g. the syntax is used RGB in sequence so each 2 hex digit used for one color, the greater the code for each color the more possibility to be that color for example below code : (#0fac0f) is more likely to be green, R=0f , G=ac, B=0f, so G > R or B. hope this will help you can test any code combination using color picker in w3 site