How to change the color of a text?For exemple, if I want to print "Hello" and I want to make it Red, how can I do that?

change colors

24th Jun 2017, 9:50 PM
Darvin Koka
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There should be a library available for Python as they do for other programming languages. Those color changes and manipulation should be incorporated into a library that's made for string manipulation and or graphics. You will find also functions that allow you to print a text or word on a certain specific place on your screen or when you print it with your printer on paper. You could however make your own functions to accomplish this task and several other tasks. So with other words, you could create your own libraries or buy them ready made.
24th Jun 2017, 10:57 PM
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you can't change it's color to red here
24th Jun 2017, 9:58 PM
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel
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