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Some Sololearn Statistics 📈

- There are more then 5.1M Sololearn users. - 42 Users reach platinum Level. - 1293 Users reach Gold Level. - More then 12K are in Silver Level. - Indian users are most active users with 13 platinum users and more. - Nikolay Nachev has highest Score in Challenges with 31k won Matches(king of Challenges ). - Krishna Teja Unlock 49 badges (king of badge). - Hetsy Rei Submitted more then 3. 2K posts(queen of posts). - there are 15 Moderators. - Emm's paint Project is most popular project.

6/23/2017 5:06:37 PM

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Speaking from the perspective of the user. "I knew that people were interested in the identity (namely gender) of the user behind the creation of Hatsy Rei, but I was unaware of the margin of magnitude of said interest, which is huge indeed when compared to the scale of what I thought it was. Due to the growing *coughs* concern of our public community *coughs* regarding this issue, I have decided to clarify a number of things that have always remained mystery, all for the sake of avoiding misunderstandings." "Hatsy Rei is a girl. There is no doubt and I know it for fact, because I "designed" her by giving life to the character, having incorporated in most of my RL thoughts and inner traits into her behavior. The very first version of Hatsy Rei can be traced back to 7 years ago, in a different community, but playing a very similar role." "I, the user managing, and also behind the creation of the SoloLearn online avatar 'Hatsy Rei' (Discord counterpart 'Darth Rei') is a guy at the age of 21, currently only disclosable by my initial 'K'. (I might 'accidentally' pour my real name on Discord. Stay tuned). I have also published some of my pictures (raw footage confirmed!) in our Discord server (#face_reveal), and I do encourage our fellow community members to weigh in as well on showing each other how we look behind our avatars. SoloLearn is probably the first platform wherein its community has successfully made me feel 'connected' enough to show myself. I wish the feeling is mutual, and that one day, we may gather together for a meetup session in real life." Regards, K.


Wouldn't mind being queen as long as my name is correct. +1


//Quoting The Hatsy Rei... "For the nth time... Its Hatsy ...."


And the mystery has been solved... for sololearn users..☃️☃️😇


Aren't there 15 mods?


I found a typo "Teja"


Omg, K took over! Rei, see what happens if you leave your device unattended :D


🎩 😕 👔 👖


Great stats !!


Nice stats! But you have missed some good stats like: Serena the fastest platinum member in 25 days. Serena the fastest one to reach 30k in less than 2 months. Her code on subject:


Is Hatsy Rei a "queen"...? #curious! ^-^


I think Hatsy is girl


Like a detective :- Haha..I knew it!


Great stats! Be ready to add the first lvl 17 though. Everyone knows who it's going to be😅😬 ❗ HINT ❗ (The King of challenges)😉 .


Best response by @Mubashir Ahmed 😂😂


@Fuyuka Serena mam's die hard fan spotted.


I like stats! I would love to see another filter in leaderboard: particular language. What do you think?


I think Hatsy is a boy. See Nikhil's comment on the code.


Wonderful result :)


Indians are on the move!! ✌✌