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Why English is necessary?

Lots of time people tend to think that people who don't speak good English are not smart or intelligent. Let's focus on learning English, but we should not put it above everything else.

6/22/2017 7:42:03 PM

Anjul Upadhyay

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Actually I asked that question because yesterday I attended one interview in a reputed firm and they rejected me because my accent was not American. They didn't check my technical skills and my knowledge for that position. I didn't ask the question to offend anyone. Just want to see People's point of view. I don't know about other countries but in India people have mindset that if a person speaks fluent English then he/she is intelligent. English is just a language not a knowledge.


Unfortunately, many people are simply ignorant, especially in regard to other cultures. Intelligence has nothing to do with knowledge. If you're speaking to a culture that only speaks English, then they'll more than likely judge you based upon your English also. However, as you said, that's hardly an assessment of one's intelligence or knowledge. For myself, I believe you've got to be smart if you learned your own native tongue as well as someone else's. Either way, don't let those type of people represent who you are as a person. As an American, we're often labeled as being dumb or aggressive, which is hardly a representation of who most of us are. Sure, those people exist, but they don't speak for the majority. However, I can't let such stereotypes hold me back or slow me down; you shouldn't let such things hold you back either. The first programming language I learned was taught to me by an Indian woman that didn't speak English that well. My second teacher was a man from Nigeria, who also had rough English. Their accent was never a means of me assessing their intelligence or worth, they were both brilliant people.


As an American who knows only English, I have to say we don't assume people who don't speak English, or speak broken English are not smart. Quite the contrary. I for one admire how well people can speak English with it being their second or third language.


@Joker: We both know how the shitheads on the internet are though, which I'm assuming is what he is talking about. lol Most people aren't like you and I; at least not the people I typically come across here. Then again, I live in one of the top 3 racist states, so maybe that plays a role.