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A Quiz Creation Form

This is a basic form for quiz creation: 1. Make sure your quiz is: a. in English b. on material taught in the course c. is not too long or complex d. shows good coding practices e. not too general(e.g. Who created Java?) f. related to the programming language in which you are making a quiz for 2. For fill in the blanks questions: a. do not have more than 4 blanks b. do not include hard-to-access symbols 3. For input questions: a. do not have more than 5 characters of input b. have all characters of input be easy-to-access symbols 4. Other: a. Keep all your quizzes appropriate b. Do not submit the same quiz twice c. If your quiz was declined because "similar questions exist", do not resubmit d. When resubmitting, delete the comment at the top Let me know what you think of these guidelines. Share your own in the comments.

6/22/2017 12:50:28 PM

Caleb Jore

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Thanks for the effort. tl;dr - 0. Use common sense.




I was posted few quizzes of HTML and C++ about 20 days ago but they still pending... why??


yeah, the ones I posted are pending too.