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The Greatest Sololearn Coder

I propose a challenge to determine who the greatest Sololearn coder is. I'm talking about codes that you made on Sololearn and currently have in your arsenal. How this challenge works is that you must comment here with the best code you have and then the Sololearner with the most votes on their comment by the end of this week will be declared the Greatest Sololearn Coder. However.. ...your code should NOT: -have any errors -have < 500 combined lines of code -be a codepen code or other plagiarised code Competition ends Sunday, 25 June 18:00 (UTC) Winner will be announced in an answer posted by me, and marked the best, here. The marked answer will contain: -the winner -and discovered hidden talents

6/23/2017 1:29:55 PM

Gavin Christians

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Thank you all for participating, the competition has now come to a close and we have found our winner. ☺ Andrew Grider! 🎉🎉🎆🎉🎆 The Greatest Sololearn Coder! (June, 2017) To be honest, I made this challenge actually to prove that I'm the best. 😂 Man was I wrong because what I've learned from this challenge was that there will always be someone with more skill and knowledge than you, so we have to stay humble and keep learning. ☺ I've put together a special code to close off this competition. It contains a special tribute to the winner and coders that might be of interest to you. In the end, we're all here to learn and we're all on our way to become great coders. So if you're not mentioned right now, don't let that discourage you from working harder to become the best. Never stop learning and keep growing your mind. ☺


This one for visualization: This one for optimization:


Including every code linked with this code...


To demonstrate, I'll be the first to go. iBattle I CHOOSE YOU! 🙋💫🔮


This is probably the most useful code I've made on SoloLearn. Didn't quite get round to adding all the functions that I wanted to. And yes, it's a calculator...


wouldn't know about it being my best but one of my favorites that didn't really made it so well (now with the playground re-work it loads much faster)




I don't have large codes neither, but I want to participate (acording to the users my best code is shooter but I think this one has more complexity and I feel it was harder to make) so as you would say: Board gane with Js questions, I CHOOSE YOU!


This is my greatest and the best project


Vote for 'TheOtherOne' for these codes

+34 I know Flappy has more than 600 codes in JS, but will it count?! *_*


My codes:


@Gavin Christians,Vaibhav Sharma The other one is one of the most underestimated programmers here,I drew inspiration from his codes and wholeheartedly support him as top coder. Sadly I think he is inactive (at least here on solo). Sample code of his(made long before nicolays maze code):


I guess this is my best one (but nothing compared to some already posted here, daaang guys!)


Most recents... 😅


These are my best on sololearn, not of all time :)


This is the most popular from me , not sure if best After 3-4 months passed launching it ,now i realise i can make it better but 😄 i am too lazy to modify . My new codes are better coded but mainly animations , nothing special but i have to post this one



Newest One :-

+25 Idk I love the output of this code a lot