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42 Platinum members in total...

It's growing, can't SoloLearn make next level?

6/19/2017 11:44:35 AM


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Next Level? The platinum is still hard to get and the level 17 is simply impossible if you are no @Nikolay. :3 So many users was tired of the management XP because it is too slow... now you have the possibility to increase your XPs, i think we should be grateful. Glad to see so much Platinum members, most of them was here for long time and finally with the new challenges they increased their XPs. ^^ [ Post Scriptum ] Platinum !== You are a good programmer.


Wow!!! our platinum almost 20 platinum this year :/


Diamond or Californium for 80K XP maybe?


Then give suggestions to Sololearn https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/475459/?ref=app


one month earlier there was less then 20


I presume Silicon would be the most adequate for lvl20 :)


Platinum status in itself does not mean much...full pie chart + platinum status + number of badges starts a bit to look like a more accurate evaluation. But even that is subjective.



I made it to platinum! It took 86 arduous days. No way I will reach 100000XP!