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How do people remember all this?

8/31/2016 2:40:40 PM


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Just coding as much as you can. The best way is learning by doing. Try it... you'll see ;-)


Repetition is the basic of learning.


practice makes possible to remember. solve it everyday little .complete it and start again :)


Make a small project . Then add more code to it every time you learn something new.


A lot of code is simpler than people think, oftentimes if you want to do something there is a function for it and that function will have the name of what you want to do. Once you figure out enough of what functions are predefined you can make functions out of those functions to create any other function. Then you can take all that knowledge to build whatever program you want!


No need to memorize everything just understand why and how it is done


Experience. Try writing every day programs for things you learn. For example: A for loop for the squares of 1 to a hundred. The more you learn the more you can challenge yourself and the more things you can use (for instance a nested while) If you are into games you can start with simple games that need simple loops and if statements like guess my number (either you guess the computers random number or it finds your number) and then build up from there. this is a fun process but takes time. Most important is to challenge the and have fun at the same time. Hope i helped😀 Good luck!


You must just understand why is it so


practise practise and practise. This is the only key to remember what you want. A time after years will come when you will find that you had a lot of enough practice and you remember a lot of things.


Engaging in software projects and practicing a lot. That's the way.


Woow great response there I have learnt alot


Code! Code! Code! Wherever you are



Set out on a goal. eg: make a maths challenge game. And add as much as you can to it. If you want to do something and you dont know how to. Try and work it out or look it up. Remembering code that you have used to solve a problem with is much easier than learning random commands.


I want to ask this question from the person who playing piano , but I always get my answer is ,this is all about practice which make ur brain trained :)


I would recommend if you can you find a simple real world problem requiring some data analysis that you and only you can solve. Fall in love with the problem and this will drive you to keep learning till you solve it


practice everyday ...coding ..coding...


By practicing it all the way..


Practice,over and over again


Clarity must be applied. well I like my last course. Phyton and I got inspired from the Zen of Phyton