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The Sudoku Project

Starting a game project :D Will try to post several codes in order to show how you can start from a simple idea and develop it into a full application step by step. Hope you find that useful. Feel free to comment or ask questions either here or in the codes direct! Codes:

6/23/2017 1:39:20 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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@Germain F - thanks, not playing C++ right now, may be next month, I'll visit shortly - then we can play 😃


third one online:


second part published:


@Wojtas - as your post is dated before mine was actually generating, I guess it was about @Martin Kalco 's code


@Nikolay I must confess I'm amazed how you beat me all thru! Please do me the honor of challenging me in c++.


@Nikolay ok. I look forward to that day.


Nikolay you promised Python challenges like 3 weeks ago I think. Sad :(


Something wrong. it produces unsolvable sudoku.


Here is my sudoku solver