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Tips And Tricks For beginners:)

✓This thread is all about Tips and tricks to learn programming easily. ✓Submit your way of learning and share your experience with community ✓Don't forgot to drop like to show some support ;)

6/15/2017 2:41:12 PM

Sudarshan Rai

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The Most useful trick is: study & practice (^_^)


My tip would be to code things you like! When I was learning C++ for game design, I had to learn the basics like receiving an input/output, arrays, and OOP ( was really borning). So I decided to code a new mini game for every cocnept that I have learnt. Eventually, learning new concepts seemed fun since I wanted to see how I can inprove my series of games that I have created. If you're going to learn a language or code something because someone told you to you might have a hard time getting into programming. So learn and code what you like ^_^


A tip I could give is to keep researching on what you are interested in. Then study and learn it by heart💞💜💛💚💙. because when you love 🍎💓💖💜 what you're doing 💪🏄🏃🏂🎱🎳✈🚀 it will eventually manifest🌌🌝🌞⛅🌳🍒🌷🍓🍉. Find your passion and pursue it!


Just remember that programming languages were not designed so that geniuses and scientists worked with them ;) In time, you will start to wonder that until recently you had something incomprehensible, and now this is considered obvious


Practice daily quiz daily help daily code daily Last but not least be determined


determination is must required for all new learner .........just keep practicing ...... 👦


Practice , practice, practice,and practice . even when you are busy five minutes will be enough.


@Yahya study PHP then SQL or any server side scripting language to support your backend. Also I suggest you put into practice what you learnt in HTML CSS JS by creating a simple Web page or game 😊😊😊


And practice. Spend time. Don't rush through


Study carefully then practice one by one and repeat it for 5 times then you will get confidence


Don't start with too hard projects. It's awesome when something works, and it'll give you some extra spirit, but you can get really motivated when you can't get one of your first projects to work.


+7 please verify the q&a before to post...😉😄



learning a programming language (any for that matter) is basically the same as learning any other language... it takes a bit of time to get familiar with it but a shitload of practise afterwards to master. also while learning the second language you keep comparing with your first, this is where a lot of mistakes come from


Vivek Yaduvanshi , First take a deep knowledge about database ,then php and SQL


@Elias Thnx for your suggestion .It will be really helpfull👏👏


learn, research and practice


Although I am a beginner, I think for a beginner 1.I have to create code daily 2. learn more and more!! 3. I have to help others on their query 4. I have to search the thing of unknown how it happens!! 5. Finally I have to keep determinations and confident


learn,practise, make, try, and keep on trying over and over some points you will probably wondering whay all this and why all that, but whit time it will be clearly to see,easy to make . in time you will will have ups and downs , but JUST keep on trying.Have a nice coding 😉