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What is use of ASP .NET, Python and Photoshop in web development?

As I'm learning web development from sololearn it's a pretty good platform, I searched for terms like Asp. net and use of Photoshop and Python in web development, what if I don't know any? shall I be still able to make my website or webpage?

6/15/2017 7:48:22 AM

Prashant Chauhan

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Graphic Designers Design the look of a website in photoshop and create whats known as a (PSD) photoshop Document file. This is giving to the Web dev to now develop a pixel perfect website. ASP.NET is a platform that can be used on top of the .net framework in Visual Studios to build web applications probably like ecommerces.


No you have to learn all of them.


instead of Photoshop you can use gimp (it's free) or other programs like that. or none at all if you don't use images in your app. asp.net is from Microsoft. if you're using a Linux server (which I highly recommend) you may want to use jsp instead. or php. or python. maybe Perl? or C. there are many possibilities. it's your decision. personally I go with PHP, just because I know it better than the others.


Jk. No you don't have to know them