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#remove the hidden downvoting function!

I am really disappointed when someone downvotes. It feels like cyber bullying.

6/13/2017 10:07:48 AM


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This is just my point of view, if down votes are no longer hidden then everyone will start to argue on the matters of down vote, so I think its good they hide it😃


Vote and downvote should be counted separately like YouTube's​ like and dislike options.


I don't see a need for the downvote function at all. If you don't like a posting, just don't upvote it. There's too much hate in the world already. p.s. My notifications said I got 11 upvotes for this answer so far but it only shows 8. Guess I got 3 downvotes 😄


The only problem is when they see someone is down voting they feel insulted by that person. It could end up in having grudges


i agree with david...... its very funny but my friend threatens to create different SL accounts using different email addresses and yhen downvote my posts and codes.....what an idea....


hey guys.....an idea struck me right now...... what if the downvote option is given exclusively to moderators so that they can downvote spams.......


we're all here to get socially responsible for our actions. down voting ain't cool. no one wants haters, if something annoys u, I give you two words solution "Be Cool".


Agreed with Limitless. SoloLearn shouldn't make downvoters visible, because it won't get nicer around here. But I do love Rohit's suggestion, if you had to put in a reason for a downvote, people would learn why they're being downvoted and it might even stop people from doing random downvotes!


That's a very good idea! Every downvote should have a reason for.


I agree Iwan. I believe in total transparency. If users don't have the courage of their conviction, it brings into question their motives. Furthermore, I think they should disable self.upvote(). I shall add this to my suggestions thread.


@chirag ghosh with the low number of moderators it's not feasible; about spam it's too be reported rather than down voted.


@Maart I just downvoted you. Sorry and don't worry I will take it back soon, it's just as an example of my point that if there is no penalty on downvotes, then any rogue member may go on and downvote anyone without any reason at all. If there is a penalty on them then that makes a real meaning for both downvoter and the one on whose post downvote is applied to. It would mean that the post really has some issues. There won't be meaninless downvote like mine where the only reason downvoter has is "Oh you don't like my answer..? Here take this -1". 😅 Hope you get the point. P.S. Don't downvote me.



Anyways there must me some cost also for downvotes (sorry if I am wrong and if it already exists,I am new and not familiar yet) like itay cost downvoter 1 or 2 XP to downvote to prevent useless downvotes. And yeah providing an "Anonymous Suggestion" along with downvotes is a great idea.


I don't agree to a penalty for downvotes. They're of great use with spammers and downvotes on such a post show more naive users that it's spam. That shouldn't have a penalty.