🎉✨🎆 New Badges Added !🎆✨🎉 | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


🎉✨🎆 New Badges Added !🎆✨🎉

🎆Quiz Reviewer🎆 :- Exclusive Badge Handle Out To Top Users Who Moderate User Generated Quizzes. 🎆Gold Quiz Reviewer🎆 :-Exclusive Badge Handle Out To Top Users Who Moderate User Generated Quizzes for 6 months in a Row. 🏆🏆Burey, Kuba and Krishna Are the first who got this badge.🏆🏆

6/9/2017 8:43:46 AM


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I'm feeling the crowd already 4 of my quizes declined in a row, Cuz of community down votes. I request rating is good and plz don't down vote just because u don't know the answer.😥


@Ekansh🌸 Thanks for the info😉


@Annatoli🌸 i saw u have made changes in (For Loop). Still it doesn't work if i give input like 1 or 2. Btw That a great try Sir. i appreciate it thanks for giving time to it. ----------------------------- Okay Good night, Oh so "input <= 3" thanks for noticing it again i just made some changes hope u will like it. And now that code will always print rectangle even if u input 0 or -1


@Bhupesh U have used inappropriate words reported.


@Chirag🌸 Now happy???😂


myself, Krishna and Kuba as far as i know for now


@Swati🌸 i saw, just don't give anymore attention to that guy.


@Annatoli🌸 No, wait let me see.


@Chirag🌸 agree. Listen to him and skip the Question which u don't know😥


hahaha...Thanks yah...!!


@BUREY congrats...!!👍👍👍


@Ishwarya don't get hurt from this haters hate but keep trust on urself and don't give up


@Ekansh thanks for notification and Burey, Kuba and Krishna Congratulations for new badge


html and ruby


@Swati haters can be any one who is jealous with u and ur success


i also want to be ur frnd


@Swati talking to u


Thanks for info


same problem to me Serena.....😢😢😢 10 quizzes declined due to downvotes. fresh quizzes. but....what to do...I really hurt...😣😣😣


finally, geez