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Which languages are the best in terms of future market demand?

6/9/2017 6:20:04 AM


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For scripting languages I would assume Python (back-end, data science, data mining, front-end web frameworks) and JavaScript (front-end + back-end = full-stack).


I mentioned the potential uses of those two languages. Since those are both scripting languages, you most likely won't be doing any applications, but rather use them for, well... scripting :) Back-end is the "behind the scenes" part of website development, all database linking, servers, user input processing and such. Front-end is how the website looks like, how it acts and behaves depending on the user action. Data mining is part of data science and assumes looking for patterns and squeezing out dependencies among your data. Or simply put - turning your data into information, so you can act on it and make informed decisions.


JavaScript, Swift, Go and Kotlin are raising stars.


Java was, is and will be strong on the market for few years. The same C++ and Swift. There's a hype for JavaScript and this language will evolve even more in next few years.


i didn't understand the meaning of (back-end, data mining, front-end web framework .. )