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Can coding skills benefit accounting or finance students?

I'm considering learning a programming language (Python)to help me in accounting or finance career. Do you guys think it will worth it?

6/8/2017 1:56:49 PM

Tam Tien

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[email protected] Dark. It would be beneficial. A And if you are you python then Financial modeling: If Excel/VBA can do it, Python certainly can (and can probably do more) since it's a full-fledged programming language. Except you're not limited by how much data you can see on your screen and you can run more scenarios efficiently with a few lines of code. Backtesting trades: You can easily code an algorithm in Python and run it on data to see how well your strategy performs. Honestly, it's much easier than coding it in a language that HFT algorithms actually use (like C++). Analyzing data: Remember our friend SQL? Well it's not exactly the most adept at analyzing data; it only retrieves and organizes it. Good thing that Python, with a few packages, allows you to directly import SQL queries and work with the data that it returns in more complex ways.


I'm in my lousy banking and finance career and to be honest I think it's a matter of time. Machine learning for sales, marketing and product is becoming pretty obvious, but there is more. Banks and fintechs will undergo a global revolution in the years to come, which will reshape the world of finances. Coding or at least programming mindset will become a crucial advantage. Someone will have to spin those wheels, eh? :)


machine learning language are always important for everything I guess.


better learn using a spreadsheet


Coding is good for everyone to learn.


We do not know what the future brings your way but at least it should be worth the knowledge if you have the time. EDITED: Python is a very good language to process data.


Yes I think this is very relevant for you, especially since your sector is threatened by AI. You will be more attractive to employers if you know how to program.


definitely. start with excel. learn SQL, python, R, Matlab and so on.


Yes you can create programs that checks whether your accounting calculations are correct. You can even create a great software for accounting and finance.


I think its a good choice learning how to do programming. Last May I just got my degree in accounting but now I'm trying to teach myself how to code. I want to be a financial analyst someday with good knowledge in IT.


I agree with almost everything said here, and would add that soon peole that is tecnical and computatinal illiterate will struggle getting work bc the jobs that can be computized will be gone. On a philosophy note , we soon need to tax AI, or become AI ourself 😂


am an electrical engineering masters student and from experience it is an advantage which every student should leverage on, common you can use some of these scripting languages like Python, perl, Lua, even the JavaScript to automate some boring repetitive tasks because I have an idea how it can be moreover who said you'll end up practising what you studied in school. school just awakens our inert Intellectuality, we then follow it up with our passion.


I agree, Duke. The world runs on code.


I have years in finance and I use coding everyday. There are many roles within the financial industry that require programming. if you're genuinely interested​ in finance and would like to pursue something that involves such I would look into Quantitative Finance; Data Scientist roles.Many banks have these positions


Learn database it Will help you to lot to analyse data


Totally. Computer programs are the most unambiguous expressions of thoughts known. That is to say, if you can write a program to do your job and it works, of all things, it means you know your job inside out and outside in. Of course you need to prove correctness through rigorous testing. So when you replace a human labour with Python program, you free yourself of a tiny bit of drudgery. For this reason alone, learning Python to help you with your job is totally worth it.


Sure have a look at this YouTube clip! See the Basketball Kevin champ describe how coding is...


Hello @Dark. For sure. 1. Accounting or finance involves lots of established/standardized rules, ranging from BS, P/L, CF calculations to DuPont Analysis etc. All "standardized-rules of activities" will be subject to automation, i.e. computerized. 2. Excel + certain skills in VBA can help, but I find Python (as I'm learning it for data mining) is more powerful and flexible in data crunching. So, it's worth learning.


Isn't there like an entire language dedicated to that; COBOL or something like that? So I'm guessing it's really a good bet.


yes python will help you alot with all you financial calculation creating graphs