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how can i make this print ?

6/3/2017 7:22:44 PM


9 Answers

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First of all, input values are already saved as String, so you don't need to convert it. And the == should be = while assigning the variable. Corrected:


My pleasure :)


You can replace the first line with this: gender = input()


@shamima thanks ^^


@Shimaa, I don't understand why you don't want the user to know what they are supposed to type.


Exactly @Shimaa


@shamima thanks but how I can hide the " enter ur gender " at the output ? I just want to put the word "male " and it prints A only


@tusiime u mean why I didn't write it like that gender = input ("enter ur gender ":)


@tusiime I want to put it but when I do it shows at the output enter ur gender A and I want to print only A . or it just show up becoz of code playground on phone ? and if u i tried it on computer it will show only A ?