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Does Sololearn teach us everything?

Sololearn gives us 12 courses to start with. Do the courses contain all the knowledge about programming? For example: If learned the JavaScript course completely, does that mean that I know it fully, or do I need to get more education of JavaScript somewhere else? Edit: Where do I need to go to learn more?

6/3/2017 3:47:14 AM


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No.. it's just an introductory course..


No it does not. Sololearn this site, this app gives beginners incuding myself. The opertunity to build a foundation to become a programmer. This is done though the 12 courses that discuss commonly used programming languages. The structure is designed to be easy to complete. The course encourages learners to try solutions for themselves to ease learners to create and find there own solutions. After completing the course it is recommended that users create and use code to gain a better understanding of a given language. To access more advanced subjects, other users may reccommend projects or websites, to challenge and hone your skills. There are many ways to learn to program ultimatly it is your choice which to purse. Hopefully through using Sololearn. You will develope the skills and traits, that you need to make yourself a great programmer or developer.


If you enjoy web developement eases learners into front-end and back-end webdevelopement.


No, Sololearn has beginner materials.


no...its only teaches you the basics... gives you something to start with...


I don't think that this is an appropriate response in an appropriate website. Ekansh


Learn the meaning of 'fundamental' ...