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Python regex problem

Below code should check if the string ends with "gmailcom". The code seems correct to me but it's not showing expected output. Please tell the problem and correct me.

6/2/2017 3:32:38 AM

Deepesh Choudhary

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in your pattern just add a ".*" before gmailcom so it would give something like this : pattern = r".*gmailcom$" . is what is called a meta character and it stands for any symbol except new lines and some other special things... the *symbol means that there might ne any number of . character in the string. (you could have used + instead of * but i would have mean at least one "."). In reality the regex match verify the match from the beginning of a string that's why you have tp specify what is there at the begining of your string. anothet solution is to use the search function because the $ symbol is gonna say that you only check the pattern at the end of the string.


I'd double check with the regex definitions (I don't remember the details offhand): Do you need a wildcard, or other pattern, to allow for the early part of the string? Sorry I can't be more specific, but there are different matching conventions, and the details are eluding me right now.


If you replace re.match with it works, but is that what you want?


@Paul @Glozi30 I had just read about python metacharacters and wanted to try something with $. I forgot that I also had to write something about the beginning(if using "match"), as it was in the tutorial. Thanks for defining the starting of expression, and I used match just because the tutorial did it without problem, and my code caused a problem, I can also use search.