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Things you must know before you can call yourself a Web Developer: //Basic 1. HTML/CSS 2. Basic Tools -Text Editor: Notepad++ | Atom.io -Image Editing: Photoshop | GIMP -FTP/SSH Tool: Filezilla, Putty 3. Javascript -JSON -JQuery 4. Web hosting -Hostgator, InMotion, etc -Learn Cpanel basics //Advanced 5. HTML/CSS/Javascript Frameworks -Twitter Bootstrap | MUI; Angular 2 6. PHP | Node.js | Ruby on Rails | Python 7. Databases -MySQL | PostgreSQL 8. GIT 9. SSH & Basic Command line 10. HTTPS / SSL

5/31/2017 7:43:31 PM

Ghauth Christians

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Very nice info Gavin 😊👌this is exactly what I think SoloLearn should add to the app. Based on their current 12 courses I think it should be good to categorize them into: ● Web Development: - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - JQuery - PHP - SQL ● Software Development: - Java - Python - C++ - Ruby - C# ● App Development: - Swift


wow 😰 that much I had no idea literally!! I thought if I know html css javascript json bootstrap php that would be enough for web development.!!! thanks for the information.


First of all, thank you guys for liking my question because I just unlocked the "Question Ninja" badge. Special thanks to you @Manual for being the trigger upvoter 😊 SSH (Secure Shell) is basically just a way of establishing a secure connection from one node to another node or server. So whenever you need to connect securely to a remote server then you'll need to know this. It's useful for when you want to access your Web host server to make changes on your Web server securely. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard to establish a secure connection between your Web server and a browser. Learning this goes hand in hand with HTTPS as well so that your users on your website will have a secure connection. This is useful for when you build websites that has sensitive information about your users.


There's still more to add to the advanced part of this list but the list above are the bare minimum you must at least learn to be a proper Web Developer. There will always be more to learn, always, so stay hungry for knowledge. ☺


Very useful informations, thanks!


Wow you categorised that beautifully @Paola 😊 and thanks


Well said, agree with you. I guess I should just keep learning what I'm comfortable with and be flexible with frameworks so that I can switch between them to get the job done ☺ I recommend you check this out if you haven't yet “Web Development… How to get started in 2017?” https://blog.hellojs.org/web-development-how-to-start-in-2017-b2357febe8ba


Pleasure @Samira 😊 There's always more to learn


Thanks. Another question, if I'm good at a framework/technology, should I leave it because the rest of the frameworks I know belong to a separate stack. For eg- let's say I learn and become good at PHP but I know Angular and MongoDB which belong to the Mean stack. So should I learn Node because it would form the complete stack or should I stick with PHP Just so you know, I don't know anything about any of the frameworks I mentioned above, just a question that popped in my mind.


Woah. Still have a LOT to learn. Started jQuery today though ☺. Is PostgreSQL replaceable with MongoDB?


Yes @Nihar, MySQL and PostgreSQL are just my preferred recommendations. I would also recommend you choose one and stick with it to get good at it.


thanks to sharing this, Gavin


Thank you @Gavin also what is SSH and SSL?


@Gavin thank you again. and congrats on the new badge!!


Indeed @Steven guan ☺ but nothing worth it comes easy. Take it step by step though, make sure you learn to understand and not to memorise.


I'm good with Javascript and learned the Jquery library too, I also learned JSON and soon I'll learn AngularJS too, so it would be in my best interest then to learn Node.js instead of PHP right? Well yes but I have to also consider the pros and cons. PHP is more in demand than Node.js even though Node.js would be best. So it boils really down to what you want to use your skills for. Is it freelancing, or for a job? How will it benefit you when you stick with just Node.js or PHP? Consider all these factors and decide on one. I, however, will learn PHP just well enough to code flawlessly and then focus on Node.js.


Pleasure @Maryam Rauf ☺


...long way to go...



okey I'm not a web developer.😅 I'm far away from web developer